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Silver Sails Paints is an importer and distributor of the highest quality auto refinishing products manufactured in China.  The Guangdong Yin Fan Chemistry Co., Ltd. is a pioneer auto paints producer in China.  It has become one of the highest ranking and most reliable manufacturers of quality auto paints in China.  The 380,000 sq ft Yin Fan factory employs over 50 technicians and 200 workers, and produces over 27 million liters of auto coatings per year.  It has the latest equipment and technologies in all of its departments, such as R&D, QA and Production, ensuring product innovation, quality and consistency.

Yin Fan established the "Nano-Coating Technology Center", created in conjunction with Shanghai University in 2006, to develop the finest auto refinishing products available.  Silver Sails products are produced according to the highest standards, ISO9001 and ISO/TSI16949, which provide quality checks and documentation, from raw materials all the way to packaging.  Yin Fan received the first prize award of Advanced Technology from the Shanghai government and the Guangdong Famous Trademark award from the Guangdong government.

Yin Fan products are recognized  and used by manufacturers, such as:  Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, BYD, and Toyota, to name a few.  Yin Fan auto paints were introduced to the U.S. market for testing in 2008 and have become widely acclaimed for high quality at reasonable prices.  In 2010, Yin Fan expanded and enhanced its R&D department to focus on further advancements in equipment, technology, and color matching.

Yin Fan products are now being sold in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the USA.  Silver Sails is proud to offer the first and only Chinese auto paints with proven SGS International environmental standards qualifications to the U.S. market.